Frozen Rails 2011

Thank you to all the speakers, the sponsors, and of course all the attendees.

CANCELLED Better Rails Through Better Ruby

Unfortunately Jeff Casimir's flights to Finland have been unavoidably delayed by so much that we have no choice but to cancel the Better Rails Through Ruby training course.

Full refunds will of course be issued to all registered attendees.

What's the best way to improve your Rails programming?

Stay current with the latest gems? Nope. Dig deep into the Rails source code? Nu-uh.

Write better Rails applications by writing better Ruby. In this one-day course we'll explore ideas around object-oriented design, bringing back a little bit of Computer Science.

Specifically we'll look at MVC and how Ruby gives us the tools to write code that's highly modular, testable, maintainable, and reusable. We'll challenge your understanding of the three-tier model with ideas like composite data objects in the model layer and "view models" up in the presentation layer. We'll learn to hate controllers along the way, and almost completely deprecate helpers.

Once we work out some awesome code, we'll look at how to use Bundler to easily wrap it in a Gem and reuse across our projects.

All with Ruby. Sure, there'll be some sweetness pulled out of ActiveSupport and friends, but we're focusing on "Better Rails Through Better Ruby". Join us!

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About the Course

Co-presented by Jumpstart Lab and Kisko Labs, this one day training will take place the day before Frozen Rails in downtown Helsinki. Tickets are just 125€ and include coffee, lunch, and a snack. The space limits us to just 25 seats and we expect them to go quickly!

Jumpstart Lab
  • Breaking Out Modules
    • Pulling common code from your models
    • Avoiding Single Table Inheritance (STI)
    • Using ActiveSupport::Concern
    • Testability with RSpec
  • Decorator Pattern
    • Decorator Theory
    • Creating View Models
    • Interface Contracts
    • Using the Draper Gem
    • Eliminating Helpers
  • Presenter Pattern
    • Presenter / Facade Theory
    • Diagnosing a Presenter Need
    • Revising the Rails M/V/C Model
    • Correcting RESTful Modeling Mistakes
    • Building Non-Persisted Models
    • Interface Contracts
    • Implementation
  • Building Custom Gems with Bundler
    • Generate a Gem Structure
    • Basics of a Gemfile
    • Bundler-assisted Workflow
    • TDDing without Rails
    • Organizing Gem structure
    • Release Workflow
    • Gem Tips & Tricks

About the Instructor: Jeff Casimir

Jeff Casimir

Jeff runs Jumpstart Lab where he travels the world teaching Ruby and Rails courses to individuals, startups, and the enterprise. He started teaching Computer Science in 2003 with middle school students, moved up to teach high school CS, and leapt into Jumpstart Lab full time in 2009.

He's been developing Rails applications since 2005 and speaking at conferences like Frozen Rails, RailsConf, RubyConf, and RubyNation.

If you're interested in other training opportunities, please contact Jeff directly at

Location and Time

Please note that the training session takes place at a different location from the conference itself!

The training will take place at Vltava on the 19th of September from 09:00 to 17:00.

Vltava is located right in the centre of Helsinki, next to the Central Railway Station.

Please note that while the main venue is fully wheelchair accessible, the training venue at Vltava unfortunately is not.